W: Fashion Takes ‘Sanctuary’ In Nature

[Via W magazine]

W magazine’s burgeoning reputation lives up to its hype – the editorial is in a class of its own (sorry Vogue) – never failing to disappoint, and sometimes someone’s moment of sheer genius evokes the blogger in me to share an art form our jaded eyes all too often overlook. So I thought it appropriate, while browsing through W’s August 2009 issue, that I cleared away the brush of ‘Sanctuary’ set in the Georgian jungle (who knew Cumberland Island, Georgia could be so exotic) and elucidate the genius of photographer, Mario Sorrenti and stylist, Camilla Nickerson.

Above is ‘Sanctuary’s cover – Guinevere van Seenus appears innocent in Ralph Lauren’s ostrich feather, silk cape and silk tulle top and Melet Mercantile’s vintage bone white dress, languidly spread on moist dirt and uninhibited greens. Romanticizing a narrative from the bird’s egg, to heyday (below) and its inevitable death, Sorrenti extracts a hint of darkness in this celebration of the contradiction that high fashion draws inspiration from the austere beauty of nature. (Note Nickerson’s bizarre but flawless choice of heels.)

W Magazine Sanctuary Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen’s duck feather and silk and polyester organza dress, to order, at Alexander McQueen, New York. Falke hosiery. (via W)

— Francis Bea


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