Advice: Fashion Blogs = The Bible (Figuratively)


To keep up with the ever changing, quick paced fashion industry, reading about fashion (outside of magazines) is paramount. Thankfully, blogs satisfy the demand while maintaining the fashion industry’s pace. So to make life easier for the neophytes out there, let me pop your cherry with a list of 11 essential reads:

1.   <—————————- Requires an expensive subscription to read articles, but the blog is free!




5. <——- — This blog is known as ‘The Cut’






11.   <— I have to plug myself after all, although Editorial Pursuits isn’t so much of a fashion                                                                                    blog as it is a hub for all things editorial

I’m sure you have a favorite that isn’t up on this list, but comment or shoot me an email and  I’ll make sure to update it!

— Francis Bea



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3 responses to “Advice: Fashion Blogs = The Bible (Figuratively)

  1. thank you! that is a good list..i keep up with several of those

  2. Great list. Check out my blog at

  3. This is a great list. Thanks for the info.

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