Trend: Babies?


So when I perused the September issue of Out after its printing, I was awestruck by Grant Woolhead’s styling for ‘Baby Daddy’. Grab an issue and flip through the editorial (Lady Gaga is featured on the cover with amazing photography by Ellen Von Unwerth) — the babies are cute and the spreads are amusing. When I befell on V magazine’s editorial of Victoria Beckham’s collection (left) it got me thinking, isn’t the message a little dangerous? I’m going to skip over the statistics when it comes to child delinquency, but these shoots coupled with the celebrity pregnancy trend, it sure seems like babies are the new accessories.

I’m going to point out that Mrs. Beckham is quoted as having said, “Perfecting the female form and creating a strong silhouette is my aim. These are timeless, elegant pieces that, while beautifully made, are practical – well, relatively! I personally spend most of my day chasing the kids about!” After a glance through the lookbook, I wonder if the corset-like constriction from donning her collection has Mrs. Beckham mumbling ludicrous comments. Does she seriously believe most women are stick thin and flaunt implants? Well Mrs. Beckham, there is the answer to why your dVb denim collection just doesn’t seem to sell.


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