Advice: Where and How Do I Begin?

You’ve decided that writing or (something pertaining to fashion) was your dream, but you’re clueless about where to begin your search for your very first internship. Although former or current interns have their own experiences and preferences let me share six reliable sources in no particular order.

1.  I’ll admit that I began with Craigslist –> Manhattan –> Jobs –> Writing/Editing. I’ve found the writing/editing classifieds to be reliable.

2. is the best internship listing resource.  




6. posts internship opportunities every once in a while.

Word of advice: always do your research and browse the company website. If the website is not provided — email addresses are reliable indicators.

For example:

Here you would Google, Francis Bea + regent media and voila! you will have found the magazine that I intern for. 

But, if you were to see: 

99% of the time, the first letter is most likely the first initial. In this case Google, bea + regent media.

Happy hunting!

If you have any other internship classifieds that have landed you your current gig, comment below or send me an email at

— Francis Bea


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