Advice: No Published Writing Samples? It’s A-O.K!

I was very spontaneous when I decided to go into journalism. Note that it was too late to apply for my university’s journalism school and that I’ve relegated to studying English and Art History. I had nothing to work with when I first started in this industry, aside from my mere passion for writing. I pumped out a few satirical pieces based on the trends of that spring and thought, “Hey why not apply to fashion journalism jobs (on Craigslist)?” Somehow I managed to score an interview with New York Moves but according to the editor, I was too young and inexperienced in the industry to be hired as an intern. She kept my resume, asked me to come back next year and suggested that I work for my school newspaper or a trade newspaper in the mean time. Yet, I found my first internship with and I’ve gone uphill since — I still keep in close contact with my editor from Beautiful Stranger. You’ll most likely begin at the bottom of the food chain, but don’t fret. It takes time to land that dream gig.

Here is the contact for Mamoonah Yaqub, the Editor in chief of New York Moves:

For the first timers looking to score an internship, contact me at and I can maybe get you an internship with

— Francis Bea


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