Blackbook: Claire Danes, The Quintessential Modern Woman


Photo: Blackbook

Dress by Herve Leger by Max Azria. Stocking by Calvin Klein. Earrings by Alexis Bittar.

Life today is different from what our parents and grandparents had to endure in their generation. Segregation has been repressed to history textbooks, homosexuality has whittled homophobia down to the muscles and women have gained fair ground with men (yes these observations can be protested, but I’m referencing the ideals in the U.S.). African American and Asian couples, gay couples and billionaire women are familiar to us — and that’s a good thing. When I perused Blackbook‘s editorial on Claire Danes, I recalled yesterday’s New York Times Magazine on women and its interview with Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, president of Liberia and the first female African president. NYT Magazine asked:

If women ran the world, would wars still exist?
No. It would be a better, safer and more productive world. A woman would bring an extra dimension to that task — and that’s a sensitivity to humankind. It comes from being a mother.

But if women had power, they would be more likely to acquire the negative traits that power breeds, like selfishness and territorialism.
It would take a very long term of women absolutely in power to get to the place where they became men.

Despite being a guy, I had to agree with her. What if Hillary Clinton were in power instead of Obama? Would she have derived a health care plan much like Israel’s? But then again almost anything else would be better than Obama’s attempt at reform.

Anyway, I’ve digressed but I’ve set up an prelude as to why I appreciate Blackbook‘s spread of Claire Danes. The spread above speaks for itself — The photography by Sante D’Orazio and styling by Elizabeth Sulcer, empowers women. The editorial pays homage to a new class of women who have pushed out the testosterone heavy apex while maintaining their beauty with highbrow clothes. I’m (not) sorry guys if this bit of news is hard to swallow — you better cope or else you’ll choke.

clairedanes2Bodysuit by American Apparel. Leather Corset Belt by H & M. Jacket and Shoes byGucci. Stockings by Wolford Gloves by Topshop.

Is it me or am I seeing powerful women opting to go pantless (Rhianna, Lady Gaga)?

— Francis Bea


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