Advice: Interview Questions

It’s interview day. It’s your first interview and somehow you’ve scored a coveted internship at a top publication, but you don’t have an inkling about the questions that will be asked of you. First, I have to tell you that the questions ultimately are up to the editors. You could have a completely different set of questions compared to the candidate after you (or before you). But, my first piece of advice is that you should browse over the magazine if you’re not an avid reader already. Get a sense of the stylistic air of articles and photo shoots and of course know whether the the magazine revolves around fashion, culture or entertainment. If you’re looking for a fashion internship, you better know fashion. If you’re looking for an editorial internship, know the magazine.

I’ve just told you what anyone else would have told you (and I’m not saying the information above is useful), but I’ll do you one better and provide you some questions that I’ve encountered. If you have any other questions that you’ve had to sweat, comment below or send them to and I will update the list.

  1. Who are your favorite designers?
  2. Where do you usually shop?
  3. Who is your favorite American designer?
  4. Tell me a little about specific fashion designer?
  5. Do you have a favorite class at school and why?
  6. ***So tell me a little about yourself.***
  7. Why do you like fashion?
  8. Why do you want to work for ______ magazine and how are you an asset?
  9. What do you think about our magazine?
  10. Do you see anything you do or do not like about the magazine?
  11. What do you look to gain out of this experience?
  12. ***Tell me about your biggest strengths and weaknesses.***
  13. What have you done so far that relates to fashion?
  14. What experiences do you have in editorial or fashion?
  15. What type of programs do/did you use at your current/previous internship? (Online ed-internship)
  16. What have you specifically done at your current/previous internship?
  17. Tell me about the editor will ask you about a certain former internship ?
  18. How did you like the (former) internship?
  19. Do you enjoy doing what you do?
  20. Why should I hire you?
  21. ***Do you have any questions about the internship or about anything in general?***

Numbers 6, 12 and 21 are important — I guarantee you that those three question will be asked.

— Francis Bea and Mo Luan


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