VMAN: Channeling the Middle East

endless summer2Photo: VMAN

Fashion draws inspiration from artists (YSL Mondrain day dress), Audry Hepburn and on occasion reaches out to the far, exotic corners of the earth where Americans oft feign ignorance — namely the Middle East. There are those few random sticklers (Nicolas Sarkozy) who find head scarves offensive and native users who rightly might take offense to New Yorkers in bright pink head scarves — as dusty and polluted as New York City is, it’s no Egypt or Afghanistan. VMAN delves into the practicality of concealing translucent wear in volitile, scalding desert condidtions. In the heyday of Alexander Wang and Etro, shirts fall lower, while brilliant hues are no longer deemed emasculating. Although prevalent in S/S 2010, head scarves at the moment bode aparent risks from  pedestrians so I’ll be one to wait until they’re in season.

endless summer1


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