Trend: Baggy/Drop-Crotch Pants

I’ve relished the turn of events in fashion that situates loose fitted just that much closer on the fashion heirarchy to skin-tight skinny jeans. And note that the juxtapositioning of fits and shapes is paramount when deciding what to pair with what. As a XY in an overwhelmingly XX and a XX(Y) industry, the shapes and fit means the difference between being perceived as masculine or effeminate.

I’ve been a fan of skinny jeans (who has not), but drop-crotch and baggy pants offer a fresh alternative (not to mention the extra space) to the wardrobe. But as always in fashion, boundaries delineate fashion from disaster and the dangers of baggy pants can not ring any louder. Couple baggy, light-cotton pants with a tailored jacket or go for the full Middle Eastern look with a matching light-cotton shirt that leaves ample room between cloth and skin.


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