What To Wear: Fashion Job/Internship Interview


Having had a substantial amount of interview experience in this cut-throat industry, I’ll offer you a few tips on how to dress for an interview to snag that fashion related job or internship of your dreams:

So you’ve finally received that anticipated reply from Harpers Bazaar asking you you’re available to come in for an interview. You’re excited, nervous, but the worry, forefront on your mind, is about what to pull out of your wardrobe.

Being in fashion, you will want to keep up to date in the trends, but it’s also best to keep in mind that you also want to look professional (cover up please). With that being said, certain articles from flip flops and ripped jeans, to caps and t-shirts should be left in the closet for this particular occasion.

Reminiscing about my interview attire this summer, I wore a pair of black trousers that fell above the ankle, with a black cashmere sleeveless  turtleneck top, and a pair of red Prada moccasins accented by a red leather square briefcase made by La Chaise Longue (similar to the look above).

It’s unnecessary to wear 7-inches heels (which can appear a bit intimidating for others and can also make you feel out of place) or suits for that matter, because many of you will find that magazine offices and designers’ studios are surprisingly, relatively laid back.

All in all, you’re interviewing to prove that you can take on the responsibilities of the prospective position. Although your attire during an interview has substantial weight in the editor’s decision, you’ll find yourself without a job if you walk in unprepared and unable to answer the editor’s questions (Refer to the previous posts on important interview questions that may be asked of you).

On a final note, I’d rethink painted black nails.

Good luck!

— Mo Luan


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