Condé Nast’s Life on the Hard Lane With McKinsey

It’s a good time to be a pawn at Hearst. I’m a bit relieved that I declined an internship with Details after reading The New York Observer’s piece on the sharp shooting McKinsey folks scrutinizing the efficiency of Condé Nast’s publications. Not surprisingly, Gourmet, Bon Appetit and Details were high priority publications listed under ‘extensive changes’ — someone finally realized the redundancy of two publications (GQ and Details; Gourmet and Bon Appetit) that serve one purpose.

Cuts nearing 20%-25% are rumored and staff members are jittering in their Jimmy Choos dreading the corporate axe — it makes me wonder about how crazy we are to be pursuing this industry. In the mean time, you should say your farewell to flipping through ostentatious editorials set in the Amazonian jungle — Anna Wintour won’t be too happy — but I for one have already adapted long before McKinsey stepped foot into 4 Times Square. W magazine, thank you for satisfying my exotic pleasures.


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