Diversity for the Sake of Diversity?

diversityPhoto: Marcio Maderia via Style.com

Left to Right: Mark Fast, PPQ, Sykes

Loved are the feeble and sinewy white teen models that strut the runway since Twiggy. Detested are the feeble and sinewy white teen models that strut the runway since Twiggy. But since the advent of Twiggy, emaciated, young and white runs as standards in fashion by designers and editors alike. Why? Well, you’ll hear this often so I’ll be relay the message to you: clothes hang like coat hangers off of their pronounced collarbones; lighter complexions do not distract the audience’s eyes  away from the clothes; youth is appealing and can withstand the tumultuous modeling schedules come Fashion Week. Ok, those arguments are fair enough. But if you recall the name Luisel Ramos, you’ll recall that her having lived on lettuce and diet Coke for the three months leading up to her final Uraguay fashion show, incited a massive, fatal heart attack back in ’06. Are skinny teenage white girls really more attractive than voluptuous real women?

Apparently Mark Fast’s stylist and casting director thought so. Mark Fast entered three plus sized models into his show to the objections of his casting director and unscrupulous stylist, who quit and was fired, respectively. PPQ employed only black models for their show while, Sykes employed models up to the age of 70. Yohji Yamamoto has been one to use older models in the past, as Gaultier made a statement with his size 20 models. All in all, it will take a lot more than a few models showing on the catwalk to make a lasting impression.



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