Advice: Two Weeks Notice

calenderImage: Editorial Pursuits

Hypothetically, let’s say that you’ve found a dream job elsewhere, but you’re working full time for an established magazine. So breaking the news to your editor of your inevitable departure stimulates a queasy, nauseating feeling. It’s true that your editors won’t be glad, but ultimately your priorities lie elsewhere and they will more than understand. Interns are bound to their editors by trust and in all technicality can leave as they please, but in the professional world (no matter the industry) you should warn your boss at least two weeks in advance — the window of time allows your editors to find a prospective intern to fill your spot. With a 9% unemployment rate, I know that you will be doing a service to new candidates. And no, your editor won’t have a grudge on you that lasts several days (unless you’ve been coaxing their dark side all along) considering the frequency of interns shuffling in and dropping out, but in the world of professionals there is a term labeled, common courtesy. Please practice it.


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