Advice: Deadline Passed? Cold Email – Don’t Ask

I stopped my friend from writing an email to a prospective employer. How was I a good friend you might ask? Long story short, she was in the middle of writing an email to the intern coordinator of a specified internship about its availability despite the three week past-due deadline. Here is where this piece of advice comes in handy. Always, always, always cold email your resume and (if required) cover letter. Editors and employers do not have time nor the patience to reply to your email asking you for your resume when hundreds have flooded their inbox just weeks before — if you think about it, an editor could spend that same time reading through your resume. If you’re qualified, he or she might squeeze you into the list of interview candidates. But, don’t wait around for a reply and get your hopes up — you were late after all. If you’ve been stood up, don’t take it personally. You didn’t have anything to lose.

If you’re not convinced, I cold emailed my resume and cover letter two weeks late for a magazine internship at Condé Nast. To my surprise, I noticed a reply from the magazine’s editor in my inbox asking me to come in for an interview.

Now to prove just why you have nothing to lose, Mo heard back from Elle magazine after submitting her application nearly an year ago. Yes it happens. They do keep your record on file if they can’t accept you, but don’t want to let go of you just yet.

P.S. If you’re looking to reapply, of course resend your UPDATED resume (and cover letter).


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