Brigitte, Berlin’s Top Women’s Magazine Bans Skinny Models

brigitte magazine

Consumers in Berlin are apparently fed up with size 0-4 models that are standard in the fashion industry today. In an interview with the AP, Andreas Lebert, editor-in-chief of Brigitte revealed her controversial decision, a push into a new era of fashion. “The move is a response to readers increasingly saying that they are tired of seeing ‘protruding bones’ from models who weigh far less than the average woman.” Changes will begin next year as they step up their efforts to replace models with real women beginning with an open casting call for average looking women.

Slowly the Twiggy image is chipped away by the contribution of editorials like Glamour. Walking around New York City, it’s hard not to notice the tween-age girls’ evident efforts to satiate society’s pro body conscious messages with vanity. If you — designers — think about the grade school kids and the anorexic or bulimic women (and men) attempting to conform to the sinewy body image encouraged by our society today, this isn’t such a bad move. Is it? Don’t take this the wrong way because I’m not a proponent for obesity and unhealthy overindulging eating habits either.


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