Teacup Pigs – Not The Bacon in Your Fridge


Photo: Geoff Robinson via MSNBC.com

It’s the most expensive inedible bacon you’d spend your money on, but the mix raced piglets, at $1,100 a head and only sold in pairs, are Britain’s latest pet craze and have buyers sweating an extensive waiting list. How can you resist that scrunched up pink face? At a mere handful (literally), growing to a maximum knee high size by two years, breeder, Jane Croft, admits to selling 5 to 10 teacup piglets a week, with 500 requests on one website alone, according to the TODAYShow. As an allergen-free (and higher IQ) alternative to dogs and cats, teacup pigs  require a garden, utmost attention and a loving home. The plus side other than their appearance? They’re potty trainable. What are the odds that Paris Hilton replaces her Tinkerbell with a micro porker? At the rate of these teacup pig’s fad popularity, I’d say she could be toting one soon.




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2 responses to “Teacup Pigs – Not The Bacon in Your Fridge

  1. miranda

    i have a question…
    How big do these pigs get, and how long is the average life span?
    I am loveing these cute little pigs and i am really considering getting one how much would it cost for a male and female if its possible for me to breed them?

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