Ivanka Trump for Vogue?


Sorry if I got your hopes up (but even larger condolences to Anna Wintour) because the new graduate of Wharton has her eyes glued onto becoming Donald Trump’s protege. Anna Wintour cold called the Donald’s daughter, hoping to snag the jewelry designer/reality tv host, but even more surprising was that upon telling Donald Trump about the experience, he was pushy and ushered her to take the job.

“I’d always wanted to go into real estate, so that was my path, and I was very polite in my refusal, if you will. But when I told my father about this experience, he asked me several times — several times almost to the point where it was a bit disconcerting to me why he was pressuring me to take the job at Vogue … I was a little bit upset about it,” Ivanka revealed during Good Morning America.

Two problems here. One, with Anna’s all too public endorsement of the ‘September Issue,’ news about Condé Nast eye-fudging Elle and today’s six lay offs at Vogue [Media Memo], do I sense desperation here? Secondly, am I feeling the heat from Donald Trump’s cheeks? Something tells me he’s not ready for the competition.


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