Tangent: Damien Hirst

58624351Photo: Getty Images

As fashion falls under ‘art,’ we thought it befitting that we cultured you in today’s art outside of the revolving doors of clothing and vanity — and primarily because I’m an Art History major. So case in point, I give you the man who gave you The Physical Impossibility of Death
in the Mind of Someone Living
, or in layman’s terms, a shark preserved in formaldehyde. Having seen the shark suspended by fishing lines at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I was captivated by the now innocuous tiger shark (if you walk along the glass that separates your body from a formaldehyde shower, you will observe the illusion of a moving shark). Fast forward to today, October 14, 2009 at the Wallace Collection in London, where his hand painted Francis Bacon inspired collection, The Blue Paintings Exhibition, attracts visitors until January 24, 2010. Hopefully after that period, Damien Hirst loans the collection to the MET next to the Francis Bacon exhibit, that Mo couldn’t bear to observe longer than a few minutes — looking at Damien Hirst’s exhibition, I think you will understand why.


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