Gawker: ‘The Recession Map of NoLita’

GawkerRecessionNolitaMapPhoto: Gawker

I recall perspiring through a grueling month long project as an intern with Out. I pity Gawker’s intern, Daniel Pardo, for having persisted through an eight month long project covering the entirety of Nolita (North of Little Italy for those non-New Yorkers out there), but he provides us fashion industry insiders an invaluable sample volume of the shuttered retail shops. According to Gawker, yellow represent open retail boutiques and white indicates private residences, restaurants and convenience shops. Estimating the number of open boutiques juxtaposed to its closed counterparts I can safely say that Nolita is faring no better than the Garment district. Only three new businesses have inherited formerly closed shops. While the rational individual may cry suicide, preventing fashionistas from pursuing their clothing business is futile. It’s obvious they aren’t thinking nor seeing straight. Brian Moylan, Gawker’s author of the post, couldn’t have put it any better. “What does all this mean? We’re all screwed. Sales worked for some, but didn’t work for others. Some places that were going strong are now on the ropes. Some places are just meant to be closed, and some people have the optimistic delusion to chase the American dream even in this economy.” Good luck.


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