Self Editor-in-Chief Skips the Town Car, Takes Up a Bike

Lucy Danziger Biking

20% cuts at Condé Nast? Self magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Lucy Danziger, has taken initiative during these recessionary times, downgrading from chauffeured town car rides to work to the less convenient alternative, biking, all the while fashionably dressed in Tory Burch and boots. If you’re not a morning person and looking to cut back on the gas bill, put the automobile congestion of Time Square into consideration and weigh your options. Biking equates to a quicker commute, daily exercise and elevates your adrenaline levels — reason to skip your early morning Starbucks trips. Those Wall Street jocks sitting stolid in cramped cubicles could take a lesson from Lucy. Biking to work is certainly the cure for that all too comfortable stomach.


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