To The Y Generation: In Some Regards It’s a Rotnem – Not a Mentor – World

57042608Photo: Getty Images

As the final generation of internet-handicapped executives seek the late Y generation who have grown up with the media networking boom at the onset of this new millennium, positions managing (and teaching) third party social networking applications have become increasingly available in larger corporations that can afford to support the exorbitant salaries of these ‘children’ (exorbitant considering the job requirement). The Chicago Tribune found that Baby Boomers and the early X Generation were turning to the younger generation for social media help.

“Many organizations eager to strengthen their presence in the online world have discovered that they have the perfect consultants on their staffs: 20-somethings who live in that world… The baby boomer executives who might have scolded these young people for that if they had been their parents are now turning to them for help. A survey for the Center for Work-Life Policy found that 40 percent of respondents had asked younger colleagues for help with text messaging, social networking and using iTunes.”

Competitive companies, realizing the benefits cyberspace has to offer, see the mentor to pupil exchange, in some regards, break down the barriers of workplace hierarchies, allowing the pupils unprecedented access and relationship building opportunities.

“Think of it as reverse-mentoring… “Rotnem” — mentor, backward.”

The Chicago Tribune reveals that, “Some 95 percent of the leadership in the Chicago office have Rotnems, and the company has expanded the program worldwide. At organizations where social networking is not an integral part of the business, young mentors have to make their instruction simple.” [The Chicago Tribune]

If you’re clueless when it comes to WordPress, Digg, Blogspot, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and other social networking/media applications, start acquainting yourself. It’s resume worthy material a significant factor in attaining that coveted job or internship. Trust me I would know.


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