Hearst, Time, Wnner Media In Talks of Promoting Ailing Publishing Industry

magazinesPhoto: Getty Images

It’s heartwarming when competitors band together (for the moment) during a time of desperation, which in this case pertains to saving a severely crippled publishing industry. But Hollywood-esque moments aside, business is business and editors are forced out of magazine jobs as often as the drug addicts from my high school back in the day.

Hearst president Cathy Black, Time Inc. chairman Ann Moore and Wenner Media chairman Jann Wenner are said to be in talks for a marketing campaign promoting the publishing industry’s cause in an effort to save face and jobs.

In the meantime, “Time Inc. is quietly leading a charge to create an industry-wide digital storefront to sell magazine editions for future magazine-friendly e-readers. Meredith, Condé Nast and Hearst have been in on the discussions.” [Mediaweek]

Please let this work? I have a little over an year before I’m thrown into the realities of post-college life. I fear a life of vodka and ramen noodles.


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