Anna Wintour Cares More For Her Sight Than Budget Cuts

anna wintourPhoto: Getty Images

The recession and its negative reverberations aren’t a burden on the King Queen of fashion. Budget cuts over at Vogue has depreciated the value of freelancers and celebrity photographers. Posh restaurants and hotels reserved for the elite are but a mere sweet aftertaste of what the Golden years of publication used to be.

Bud Konheim, CEO of Nicole Miller (a Vogue advertiser) maintains a respect for her adaptability to change. “Anna’s created a Rolls-Royce of magazines… Now all of a sudden they’re telling her that she can’t fill up the tank and to use regular, not premium, and to buy it at a no-name gas station. They’re telling her to do that, but she’s still driving the Rolls-Royce. It’s a tough time out there. If nothing else, Anna’s shown the ability to adjust to her surroundings and master them,” Konheim said.

But the decrease in advertisement is the least of her worries. Her father’s eyesight failed him later in life. Having passed the 60th milestone of her life, Wintour knows that her father’s condition will soon claim her vision.

In this New York Post ‘Happy Birthday gift’ to Anna Wintour, the NY Post reveals that her sunglasses are just more than a statement.

“A Vogue colleague once wandered into Wintour’s office, spotted her sunglasses on the desk and couldn’t resist trying them on. “I almost fell over because the prescription was so strong,” she recalls. “I got dizzy. It seemed like she was blind as a bat, and I thought to myself, ‘God, how many times have I stood across a room from her and she probably couldn’t see me if she wasn’t wearing her glasses?’ ”

With rumors of Anna Wintour’s replacement and of taking a position on Obama’s administration, a deteriorating eyesight doesn’t do the least bit to help quell the rumors.


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