Condé Nast’s Numbers Are In


Condé Nast revealed its 2009 ad-page statistics and the numbers are looking dismal.

The New York Times reveals that Condé Nast’s ad pages have depreciate by 31.6 percent since 2008 totaling 8,359 lost ad pages.

Architectural Digest’s ad pages fell 49.9 percent

W‘s ad pages plummeted 46 percent

Condé Nast Traveler‘s ad pages fell 41.1 percent

Details‘ ad pages are down 39 percent

Wired‘s ad pages are down 39 percent

Teen Vogue is down 38.9 percent

Vogue dropped 33 percent

GQ dropped 32.9  percent

Self dropped 23.2 percent

Brides dropped 18.6 percent

Glamour fell 17.8 percent

Statistics based on The Publisher’s Information Bureau

Condé Nast’s prim taste for luxury advertisers has been largely to blame, the New York Times said. Publishing house Meredith, having diversified with mass-market advertisers, was not impacted as heavily by the recession as Condé Nast. And to think that Glamour faired the best among the 4 Times Square publications.

You can browse a magazine’s ad page statistics and earnings with the link above.


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