The Week Makes Premature Promises To Advertisers


The Week magazine, in a time of crisis, proposes a novel and risky business concept that guarantees that readers will remember ads printed in their magazine more than other competitive magazines, the New York Times revealed.

In theory, The Week will see advertisers flock to its publication. If an advertiser’s effectiveness falls through – the ad effectiveness will be monitored by Affinity’s Print Effectiveness Rating System, a.k.a Vista – the said advertiser will be given free ad space in The Week until the advertisement reaches the top one-third of magazines that the ad has been run in.

All in all, advertisers have little to lose. How dangerous this new strategy is for competitors remains to be seen. But, the concept is ingenious. The Week is the first to come out with the concept, thereby potentially taking advertisers away from other magazines. Although competitive publications will notice the threat and lose its advertisers to The Week, little can be done about the situation. How so? It’s because The Week guarantees top one-third effectiveness among magazines that the ad is run. If other competitive publications follow suit, the guarantee of top one-third becomes less attainable and would send advertisers to The Week wherein by the time other publications have entered the game, The Week will have shown time and time again that it’s ads outperform the competition.

All that The Week has left is to keep up their end of the bargain.

Being that there were only 80 select advertisers granted ad space in The Week, we see a market for the rejects.

Do I see an all out bidding war for future ad space?


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