Jimmy Choo Right at CHOO 24:7

Photo: Jimmy Choo

Forget Jimmy Choo’s collaboration with H&M. If you’ve been waiting for a Jimmy Choo shoe collection so diverse that it suits a working girl’s work and nightlife needs, you’re in luck.

Jimmy Choo has launched its special Spring 2010 collection, Choo 24:7 just time to keep Choo 24:7 bookmarked and women waiting for the first sign of Spring’s green. The collection has a personal flair courtesy of Tamara Mellon, President of Jimmy Choo, reflective of a diverse selection of heel heights, colors and material, that takes a woman from the workplace to a girls night out in the city 24 hours, 7 days a week.

This part is a PSA for the guys. Girls, skip to the next line. If you’re clueless about a present for your girlfriend, wife, sister, mother, platonic female friend, Jimmy Choo enthusiast come Valentines Day, something from Choo 24:7 is a sure bet. Trust me.


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