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A Routy Lady Gaga Lands December Vogue


Lady Gaga’s December Vogue culls her inner child atop a table in a musty cake bakery – raucous and all – next to a frazzled Lily Cole.

It appears that the act of picking up Gaga for the December issue has quelled Anna Wintour critics. Judging from the position in space of Lady Gaga with respect to the hapless blond model (left) and Lily Cole, Grace Coddington might have had the notion of Gaga as the rambunctious celebrity at the apex of an industry, that appears deceivingly glamorous looking outside in. Uncloak the veil and you’ll see that the entertainment industry is hides spilled frosting, crushed oranges, rusty walls and peeling paint. But being that a market exists for just about anything, within this mess, Gaga is hot enough to be thrown into the kiln, but she’s immune from the burns of her critics.




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Anna Wintour Cares More For Her Sight Than Budget Cuts

anna wintourPhoto: Getty Images

The recession and its negative reverberations aren’t a burden on the King Queen of fashion. Budget cuts over at Vogue has depreciated the value of freelancers and celebrity photographers. Posh restaurants and hotels reserved for the elite are but a mere sweet aftertaste of what the Golden years of publication used to be.

Bud Konheim, CEO of Nicole Miller (a Vogue advertiser) maintains a respect for her adaptability to change. “Anna’s created a Rolls-Royce of magazines… Now all of a sudden they’re telling her that she can’t fill up the tank and to use regular, not premium, and to buy it at a no-name gas station. They’re telling her to do that, but she’s still driving the Rolls-Royce. It’s a tough time out there. If nothing else, Anna’s shown the ability to adjust to her surroundings and master them,” Konheim said.

But the decrease in advertisement is the least of her worries. Her father’s eyesight failed him later in life. Having passed the 60th milestone of her life, Wintour knows that her father’s condition will soon claim her vision.

In this New York Post ‘Happy Birthday gift’ to Anna Wintour, the NY Post reveals that her sunglasses are just more than a statement.

“A Vogue colleague once wandered into Wintour’s office, spotted her sunglasses on the desk and couldn’t resist trying them on. “I almost fell over because the prescription was so strong,” she recalls. “I got dizzy. It seemed like she was blind as a bat, and I thought to myself, ‘God, how many times have I stood across a room from her and she probably couldn’t see me if she wasn’t wearing her glasses?’ ”

With rumors of Anna Wintour’s replacement and of taking a position on Obama’s administration, a deteriorating eyesight doesn’t do the least bit to help quell the rumors.

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Even Anna Wintour’s Daughter Starts From the Bottom

56792436Photo: Getty Images

The said theater buff, Bee Shaffer was rumored to be desperate for a job (aren’t we all) until news hit today via Guest of a Guest that she would be sweating the subways and fetching coffee for none other than College Humor‘s co-founder Ricky Van Veen, who is mentored by Barry Diller, husband of Diane von Furstenberg. That was a mouthful. Preferential treatment was not given to the daughter of Anna Wintour. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there and even socialites can not boast an advantage over the common citizens. If you were running a multimillion dollar business, would you hire Lindsay Lohan to be your creative director? I would hope not. Come to think of it, what ever happened to Bee Shaffer pursuing a law degree?

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Guess Who Made NY Mag’s Most Powerful New York Dozen?

58387577Photo: Getty Images

… This powerful New Yorker must be a fashion icon considering our mention. But the answer shouldn’t be difficult.

Yes, it’s Anna Wintour (the only woman) on the ‘Power Dozen’ list sharing the spotlight with the likes of Reverend Al Sharpton, Rupert Murdoch, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and others.

“She is the conductor and champion of an industry that employs 175,000 New Yorkers and generates $10 billion a year in wages, probably the only leading figure in any of the city’s signature businesses who holds such singular power… Wintour has become an economic advocate for a depressed city.” [NY Mag]

Who knew a position as editor-in-chief of Vogue garnered such an accolade? Anna Wintour for Senator anyone?

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Ivanka Trump for Vogue?


Sorry if I got your hopes up (but even larger condolences to Anna Wintour) because the new graduate of Wharton has her eyes glued onto becoming Donald Trump’s protege. Anna Wintour cold called the Donald’s daughter, hoping to snag the jewelry designer/reality tv host, but even more surprising was that upon telling Donald Trump about the experience, he was pushy and ushered her to take the job.

“I’d always wanted to go into real estate, so that was my path, and I was very polite in my refusal, if you will. But when I told my father about this experience, he asked me several times — several times almost to the point where it was a bit disconcerting to me why he was pressuring me to take the job at Vogue … I was a little bit upset about it,” Ivanka revealed during Good Morning America.

Two problems here. One, with Anna’s all too public endorsement of the ‘September Issue,’ news about Condé Nast eye-fudging Elle and today’s six lay offs at Vogue [Media Memo], do I sense desperation here? Secondly, am I feeling the heat from Donald Trump’s cheeks? Something tells me he’s not ready for the competition.

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Anna Wintour’s Word of Advice for Designers and Journalists (Listen Up)


Teen Vogue’s interview with Anna Wintour unearthed a goldmine of information for entry-level designers, journalists and stylists like us — it’s Socialism at its best. When advice weighs heavier than a free pair of Christian Louboutin booties (it’s that heavy) take the free advice to heart, please.

What advice do you have for a young person who is interested in fashion design?
Don’t go too fast. Because of reality television and all these celebrities thinking they can be designers, everyone imagines that they can just become a designer, photographer, or model, but that’s not the way things work. People have to go to school, learn their craft, and build a brand—that’s the right, healthy way to do things. If you’re an overnight sensation, you can be yesterday’s news in no time, whereas building something slowly and carefully that has value and quality, that’s what’s going to have legs. You’d be amazed at how many people come in here, and they make perfectly nice clothes, but they don’t understand how to differentiate their brand from another, or they don’t have a business plan, or they don’t know where to produce things. Don’t run before you can crawl. It’s a very hard business, full of many, many extremely creative, talented people who work hard and still fail. If you have the basic building blocks behind you, you’re much more likely to do well.

When you’re hiring someone for an entry-level position at Vogue, what do you look for?
I look for someone who has actually read the magazine. People will say, “Oh, I love
Vogue,” but when I ask them to tell me something specific they liked, or a photographer whose work they enjoy, they look at me as if I’m crazy. Do your homework, go online, visit every museum, and intern. I like having young assistants in my office; they have energy, and I spend time with them to make sure they understand what we’re doing. By investing in them, I’m investing in the magazine. All over Vogue, Teen Vogue, and Men’s Vogue, there are people who have been through not only my office but also many other offices at Vogue.

Is there a “wrong” thing to wear to an interview with you?
A suit, I have to say. But who knows? Maybe next year I’ll love suits. And I don’t mind jeans. If there’s a girl applying to work in the fashion department and she comes in here with a great pair of jeans pulled together with the right top, it’s fine.
[Teen Vogue]

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Who, What, Where at Narciso S/S 2010


Can you name them all?

(Hint: read the tags below)

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