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Burberry London Fashion Week S/S 2010 Continued…


Here are some more photos! You can see the finale, Christopher Bailey and Emma Watson after the jump! Enjoy!

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Burberry London FW 2010!

BBSeatingPhoto: Editorialpursuits

Christopher Bailey reminds us why Burberry is the Burberry that we know (and starve ourselves for) today. Thin sleeves and tailored trench coats, pleated at the shoulders, layered over meticulously draped Romanesque dresses brings us into a new era where shape and silhouettes trump monograms. How meticulous? The fourth photo (from the top) reveals a ruched twist that ends the dress — look up and down because Christopher Bailey made sure that every part of each piece went without detail. He employed plunging necklines and shamelessly revealing cleavage; he played with heavy belted fur jackets despite being a collection for spring; he envisioned the future of the conventional trademark Burberry trench coat in coupling hot metallic sheens with wide ruched shoulder pads and by fusing conventions to create a (beautiful) chimera of a ruched trench coat. Bailey appears to have been unfazed by the stereotype and pushed the creativity of fashion design up another rung as he flawlessly played with textures, materials and silhouettes. Simply put, his show was a field trip in the future of fashion. I can safely say that Christopher Bailey is the Charles Darwin of fashion’s evolution (in that Bailey had discovered a new species) — and to think I was beginning to worry about fashion jumping backwards. I can’t help but believe that there were daughters of Athena walking down that runway today. Christopher Bailey, I wasn’t a fan of belted coats, but you’ve made me a believer.


More pictures after the jump.

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Watch Burberry @ London FW LIVE (6:30pm London Time)

Christopher Bailey for Burberry womenswear London FW S/S 2010

You can watch it right now! GO!

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