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DebenhamsPhoto: Getty Images

The term, “Momma’s Boy” wasn’t invented without reason. U.K. department store, Debenhams, surveyed shoppers to find that men shopped only 17 years of their lives. Who is responsible for rest? Their mothers and wives/girlfriends.

The Telegraph revealed:

After a brief period of independence between the ages of 19 and 36 when men chose their own boxers or briefs, they then settle down and hand over the responsibilities to their girlfriends or wives. From then on, they are strangers to underwear departments.

Rob Faucherand at Debenhams said: “It is odd that even the most macho men delegate the duty of buying new underpants – the garment closest to their masculinity – to women as soon as they can.

“I’m sure Freudian analysis of this trait would give us all a clearer insight into human relationships.”

The country’s biggest pants retailer, Marks & Spencer, has for some time been aware this trend and ensures its male underwear section is targeted at its female shoppers. Manufacturers, most notably Armani, have also appealed to female sensitivities by publishing erotic photographs of David Beckham modelling its men’s underwear range.

A spokesman for M&S said: “We’ve noticed that the David Beckham-style hipster pants are bought predominantly by women, not men.”

The comments on M&S’s website about men’s pants are universally written by female customers.


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Models Need PR Too Says Lorenzo Martone

Lorenzo MartonePhoto: Getty Images

Marc Jacob’s fiance, Lorenzo Martone (of Chandelier Creative) and former Elite marketing director Ryan Brown have combined their industry know-how into ARC NY, that provides PR for models (they’re people too so why not?).

The service offers clients diversification of model’s portfolios, that can garner careers outside of the catwalk, from acting, to singing and designing clothes in an already saturated industry. Models are people too you know. 99 percent of models never see a career into their 30s.

The agency has scooped up Lydia Hearst, Alessandra Ambrosio, Fernanda Motta, Julie Henderson and Jessica White. [New York Post]

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Condé Nast’s Numbers Are In


Condé Nast revealed its 2009 ad-page statistics and the numbers are looking dismal.

The New York Times reveals that Condé Nast’s ad pages have depreciate by 31.6 percent since 2008 totaling 8,359 lost ad pages.

Architectural Digest’s ad pages fell 49.9 percent

W‘s ad pages plummeted 46 percent

Condé Nast Traveler‘s ad pages fell 41.1 percent

Details‘ ad pages are down 39 percent

Wired‘s ad pages are down 39 percent

Teen Vogue is down 38.9 percent

Vogue dropped 33 percent

GQ dropped 32.9  percent

Self dropped 23.2 percent

Brides dropped 18.6 percent

Glamour fell 17.8 percent

Statistics based on The Publisher’s Information Bureau

Condé Nast’s prim taste for luxury advertisers has been largely to blame, the New York Times said. Publishing house Meredith, having diversified with mass-market advertisers, was not impacted as heavily by the recession as Condé Nast. And to think that Glamour faired the best among the 4 Times Square publications.

You can browse a magazine’s ad page statistics and earnings with the link above.

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Baileys Irish Cream Joins the Pop-up Shop Fever

baileyspopupPhoto: Los Angeles Times

Normally pop-up shop openings are omitted from Editorial Pursuits, but being that a liquor brand is jumping onto the pop-up shop bandwagon, I was stunned and suddenly the memories and animosity toward the kid in high school who dressed, acted and talked like me clouded my mind. But I realized that I had jumped the gun upon noticing “charity” proceeding “Pop-up Shop” and the ill feelings were melted away.

In the name of charity, Baileys Irish Cream will be retailing cream colored Casadei, L.A.M.B and Sergio Rossi for $75 from Nov. 11 until Nov. 13 at Robertson Boulevard, L.A. The bargain is a steal and should subdue that guilty conscience. Proceeds go to Clothes off Our Backs.

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Metropolitan Home Shutters


Metropolitan Home will close its doors with its December issue, Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S. announced on Monday.

It is one of several home magazines to be eliminated in the last two years, given the bad housing market and lack of disposable income for redecorating.

Its ad pages from July to September fell 35.7 percent, to 127.4 pages, from the same period a year earlier, according to the Publishers Information Bureau. That drop was around the same as Gourmet’s; Condé Nast recently closed that magazine.

Hachette also publishes Elle Decor and said it would focus its efforts on that magazine. Elle Decor is faring worse in terms of overall ad pages in the third quarter. They fell 46.9 percent, to 123.2 pages, from the same period a year earlier. [New York Times]

At least Hatchette has Elle, that is unless rumors of Elle selling off to S.I. Newhouse for Condé Nast are true.


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Are Magazines Too Stubborn? Is it Time To Diversify?

selfmagazinedecSelf magazine’s December 2009 issue

With elite magazines faring worse for wear as advertisers pull out of magazine, was it possible to prevent the loss of jobs? And from within this decrepit state, who is winning?

The problem is unlike the journalism argument, despite a downward trend in the journalism industry (for the moment), journalists will not cease to exist – proof in the Kindle vs. Book dilemma. But despite a shortage of jobs, there are those who walk into their offices boasting confidence in their job security.

With decreased advertisement revenue for many publishing houses, December 2009’s ad-page numbers (submitted by publishers) gives us a general idea of the winners and losers.

How so? The New York Times writes, “In general, it is not the elite titles that are faring better. Meredith, the Des Moines-based publisher of magazines like Family Circle, had several magazines that did better this year than last year. InStyle and Glamour, which carry a wider range of advertisements than some of their higher-end competitors, posted ad-page increases in their December issues, as did Real Simple, Southern Living and Cooking Light.”

Diversifying is the answer. Elite titles like Vogue and Elle are understandably picky in their choice of advertisement to save face for their elite editorial integrity, but their stance doesn’t change the fact that the revenue of such publications will see competitors from magazines willing to adapt.

Take Self magazine for example. Ignore the Kelly Clarkson controversy and try to maintain an objective mind. It’s January issue boasts the most ad pages for the month in twenty years. What’s changed? According to WWD‘s interview with Self vice-president and publisher, Kim Kelleher, “Beauty remains strong; auto advertising has returned, with six pages from Chevrolet alone, and new clients including Alamo Rent-a-Car have entered the fray. An eight-page insert from Wal-Mart also has helped to boost business.”

You shouldn’t think of their strategy as selling out or selling low. What’s better? Your favorite magazine taking the axe, or allowing Target to advertise its Rodarte diffusion line?

On a further note, via The New York Times:

Condé Nast, which also publishes Vogue and Vanity Fair, declined to release its numbers as a whole. Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S., which publishes Elle and Car and Driver, also declined to release information.

Hearst declined to give specific numbers, but the publishing director, Michael Clinton, estimated that through the end of the year, its magazines would be down compared with last year. Six Hearst magazines had ad-page increases in December, he said: Good Housekeeping, House Beautiful, Marie Claire, Country Living, Cosmopolitan and O, the Oprah Magazine.

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From Taliban Pakistan to Fashion Week Pakistan

Pakistan Fashion Week

Ignore the suicide bombings in Pakistan, ignore the Taliban but don’t invite foreigners. Such were the measures for a successful first Pakistan Fashion Week in Pakistan’s ‘New York City,’ Karachi. Over 30 of Pakistan’s elite designers gathered to flaunt their brainchild and toils, but there was an underlying message altogether.

The show was an unbridled act of defiance against the Taliban, whose edicts over womenswear – namely restricting women to burqas – were punishable by torture or even death.

“This is our gesture of defiance to the Taliban,” Ayesha Tammy Haq, CEO of Pakistan Fashion Week, told The Associated Press.

The Associated Press makes note of textiles as Pakistan’s majority, 60%, of exports, or a $12 billion a year industry. The story elucidates the exquisite quality of clothing that sells for little. “The country’s cotton and silks are among the finest in the world. But the industry has failed to grow in recent years amid political unrest, violence and chronic power shortages.”

With it’s first fashion week, the Pakastani fashionistas are taking one step in the right direction. Will the event grow as large and as exclusive as New York, Milan or Paris? It’s unlikely, but their brave efforts are not going unnoticed domestically and abroad. I’d say their message was delivered.

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