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Out September Issue Party: Shame on You Lady Gaga


I never was a Lady Gaga fan despite my coverage on the omnipresent diva celebrity. She was everywhere during Fashion Week, at after-party, after after-party. I don’t know what my editors would say if they knew I divulged how uncooperative she was in getting interviewed for the September issue, but I’ve said it and now it’s too late. Only VIP and staff were permitted access to the exclusive venue, leaving everyone else waiting in line at the door for over an hour, waiting to see the in vogue icon herself, Lady Gaga. According to Mo’s friend who is buddy buddy with the owner, even the owner of The Box was absent. So surprise, surprise, Gaga decides show up to the overbooked, The Box, one hour after the end of the party, flanked by (of all people) Perez Hilton — I think the gay community was just slapped in the face with a hypocrite’s Chanel handbag. She was decked out from head to toe in white, her head cloaked by what I’ll liken to a fishnet over over sized sunglasses. Despite Aaron Hicklin’s desperation to have Gaga pose for a candid, Gaga refused — although, Noah,‘s editorial assistant, did manage to snag a few unsuspecting pictures for Out‘s Pop.nography blog. I’m re-posting a few pictures from Noah’s post (Noah, I hope you don’t mind).


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Out: Lady Gaga at The Box Invite!


Finally, the highly anticipated invite to The Box (and a special performance by Lady Gaga) celebrating Out‘s September Issue came in my email! I blacked out some details because well, I’m not allowed to tell you. I can tell you it’s in several days, but it’s too bad I’m restricted to a solo appearance unless I get special approval.

Frick. Plane tickets are expensive.

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Vogue Hommes Japan: Lady Gaga Take 3


Photo: Nobuyoshi Araki via Vogue Hommes Japan

Lady Gaga is quite the popular celeb posing pretty in three September Issue covers, all in one September month. First there was scantily neon Lady Gaga (V magazine), then there was scantily va-va-vamp Lady Gaga (Out magazine) and rounding it out is clothed S&M Lady Gaga (Vogue Hommes Japan). You shouldn’t feel compelled to send me hate mail when I tell you that I’m biased and not ashamed to admit that her Out cover sucked the competition dry. How so? For starters, the conclusion of Lady Gaga’s September high in Vogue Hommes Japan, fizzled. Nobuyoshi Araki strapped Lady Gaga in trendy leather and rope, and no doubt the bondage theme is burgeoning, but in an editorial perspective, I don’t get it. I for one am not aroused. What happened to Lady Gaga, the sex icon?

First, the positioning of her face is reminiscent of Facebook ‘Myspace Angle’ shots. Secondly, Araki revisits a Britney Spears-esque crotch shot that was soooo 2007 (and yes, I just compared her to Britney Spears – once again, don’t leave hate mail please). Finally, why is Gaga wearing loose fitting leather? Shouldn’t she be ashamed?

Now, I’m inclined to wonder if the splashes of paint were thrown in as a compliment for an otherwise banal black and white shoot that Kazuhiro Saito, with his chief editing power, desperately attempted to futilely excite. Is she supposed to be the restrained pop star, bubbling to break free and take men and women alike to bed (that’s old news to me)? Or is she a kinky pop star relishing the praise of mainstream masses (no new news there either)? Or did they throw Gaga into an S&M set just for shits and giggles? Is my editorial eye too shallow or am I thinking too hard? I’ve asked too many questions, and that’s not a good sign. What do you think?

Lady Gaga by Araki 01Photo: Nobuyoshi Araki via Vogue Hommes Japan

P.S. If you’re not convinced about the Lady Gaga’s Out cover, The Cut quipped, “Out magazine, which is hosting the party and published what is possibly the greatest Gaga editorial to date in this month’s issue. You can’t object to that now can you?

— Francis Bea

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Go Gaga for the Lady at The Box

Do you remember this Lady Gaga cover (top)? To celebrate the September Issue of Out, now that I’m allowed to divulge this piece of info that I’ve been itching to leak for the past month, I can now tell you that Lady Gaga will be performing at The Box — yes the cabaret that charges 10k for a seat — a day after the Marc Jacobs after party. I’m just waiting for the company invites.

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Out: What Do You Think? Part 2

Outnewsletter3Slight change made to orientation.


Added lines.


Changes here are self explanatory.

Tell me what you think!

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Out: What Do You Think?

outnewsletter2So after printing out a copy of the first concept, I realized how large the font was and how much space I was wasting. Anyway this is my second concept for the newsletter. Everything on there is made by moi so I’m open to criticisms (and the occasional praise).

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Tell Me What You Think

Picture 9So, I’ve been given the opportunity to create a newsletter for Out now that I’m officially freelancing, and I’ve been throwing around ideas. This, above, is one. I copied the page directly from Indesign, as I can’t seem to find a way to save it as a .JPEG so excuse the outlines. Tell me what you think!

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