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Condé Nast’s Numbers Are In


Condé Nast revealed its 2009 ad-page statistics and the numbers are looking dismal.

The New York Times reveals that Condé Nast’s ad pages have depreciate by 31.6 percent since 2008 totaling 8,359 lost ad pages.

Architectural Digest’s ad pages fell 49.9 percent

W‘s ad pages plummeted 46 percent

Condé Nast Traveler‘s ad pages fell 41.1 percent

Details‘ ad pages are down 39 percent

Wired‘s ad pages are down 39 percent

Teen Vogue is down 38.9 percent

Vogue dropped 33 percent

GQ dropped 32.9  percent

Self dropped 23.2 percent

Brides dropped 18.6 percent

Glamour fell 17.8 percent

Statistics based on The Publisher’s Information Bureau

Condé Nast’s prim taste for luxury advertisers has been largely to blame, the New York Times said. Publishing house Meredith, having diversified with mass-market advertisers, was not impacted as heavily by the recession as Condé Nast. And to think that Glamour faired the best among the 4 Times Square publications.

You can browse a magazine’s ad page statistics and earnings with the link above.


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A Routy Lady Gaga Lands December Vogue


Lady Gaga’s December Vogue culls her inner child atop a table in a musty cake bakery – raucous and all – next to a frazzled Lily Cole.

It appears that the act of picking up Gaga for the December issue has quelled Anna Wintour critics. Judging from the position in space of Lady Gaga with respect to the hapless blond model (left) and Lily Cole, Grace Coddington might have had the notion of Gaga as the rambunctious celebrity at the apex of an industry, that appears deceivingly glamorous looking outside in. Uncloak the veil and you’ll see that the entertainment industry is hides spilled frosting, crushed oranges, rusty walls and peeling paint. But being that a market exists for just about anything, within this mess, Gaga is hot enough to be thrown into the kiln, but she’s immune from the burns of her critics.



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Ivanka Trump for Vogue?


Sorry if I got your hopes up (but even larger condolences to Anna Wintour) because the new graduate of Wharton has her eyes glued onto becoming Donald Trump’s protege. Anna Wintour cold called the Donald’s daughter, hoping to snag the jewelry designer/reality tv host, but even more surprising was that upon telling Donald Trump about the experience, he was pushy and ushered her to take the job.

“I’d always wanted to go into real estate, so that was my path, and I was very polite in my refusal, if you will. But when I told my father about this experience, he asked me several times — several times almost to the point where it was a bit disconcerting to me why he was pressuring me to take the job at Vogue … I was a little bit upset about it,” Ivanka revealed during Good Morning America.

Two problems here. One, with Anna’s all too public endorsement of the ‘September Issue,’ news about Condé Nast eye-fudging Elle and today’s six lay offs at Vogue [Media Memo], do I sense desperation here? Secondly, am I feeling the heat from Donald Trump’s cheeks? Something tells me he’s not ready for the competition.

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Four Women of ‘Nine’ Grace Vogue’s Cover


Anna Wintour pioneered celebrity cover shoots and with ebbing ad sales, what’s better than an opportunity to ask not one, but four beautiful celebrities to grace the November issue of Vogue? Banking on the success of movie musicals (from left to right) Nicole Kidman, Marion Cotillard, Penelope Cruz and Kate Hudson, stars of ‘Nine,’ strut the shorelines of California in shades of red, shot by Annie Leibovitz and assures us a glimpse into the set of ‘Nine.’ If you’re a fan already, and want to catch Nicole Kidman’s last act before retirement, ‘Nine’ is set to hit theaters on Christmas day. Vogue, where on the cover is Fergie?

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Rumor Has It: Elle at Condé Nast?


Rumor has it that struggling publishing house, Hatchette Filipacchi Media, is all ears for ridding Elle magazine to Condé Nast for much needed short term cash. With 25% cuts to Condé Nast’s budgets, executives at 4 Times Square appear to be jittering in their seats at the opportunity to convert their laid off employee’s dollars and four foldings of its unprofitable magazines into yet another fashion magazine.

Here, at display number 1, lies Details and GQ side by side. Apparently the eyes at Condé Nast glaze over that detail. That is, unless they’re looking to purchase Elle, fold the magazine and heavily push the Vogue brand. According to FWD, Vogue boasts 1,200,000 subscribers as opposed to Elle‘s formidable 1,050,000. But, with Vogue’s 2.8% drop in news stand sales juxtaposed to Elle’s 12.2%, the cut-throat move could be a reasonable long-term investment. But, I’m just looking at it from a business perspective. Don’t hate me.

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So This Is Your Secret Weapon, Richard Beckman?


Condé Nast is asserting its altruistic half today. In the process of firing its employees, Condé Nast found it reasonable to launch it’s very own dating site, unabashedly with affiliate banners and all, expanding its digital media ascendancy to, “unite glamorous girls with fashion-conscious GQ-reading boys to create matches made in style heaven.” [Vogue UK] At the very least, I would hope that its laid off employees receive an year’s worth of free subscriptions, now that the jobless actually have time to date. If you’re desperate for a quick fix, well now you know where to go.

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Liked The ‘September Issue’? Liked Grace?

gracecoddington…Then you’d adore the caricature of Vogue’s creative director herself, Grace Coddington. For $45, you can enjoy the fiery redhead heroine’s in-your-face face on organic t-shirts sketched by Deer Dana. But if she’s not your type, Deer Dana offers other t-portraits of Nick Jonahs, Bill Cunningham, Tory Burch and of course, Obama.

Wait a minute, where is Anna Wintour?

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