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Lady Gaga: Shamelessly Addictive

Lady Gaga

Photo: Amy Odell via The Cut

I admit that Lady Gaga has been a part of my post one too many times. After today’s Lady Gaga performance at The Box for Out, I should have her completely detoxed from my system. Let’s hope I don’t relapse. In any case, Gaga performed at Hiro for Marc Jacob’s after-party in nothing more than a nipple and buttock revealing red fishnet stocking, G-string and a halo of hair. Maybe its because of her outlandish outfits, but Lady Gaga is a splitting image of Cher. They both can not afford to appear older than they appear for the sake of her reputation, and come 2030, Gaga will have replaced Cher at the Colosseum of Caesar’s Palace.

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Exposed: Lady Gaga on Vogue Hommes Japan


Having posted critique about the Lady Gaga editorial by Vogue Hommes Japan, I came across the remaining shots and thought it befitting that I post these photographs (after the jump). Enjoy! Continue reading


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