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A Routy Lady Gaga Lands December Vogue


Lady Gaga’s December Vogue culls her inner child atop a table in a musty cake bakery – raucous and all – next to a frazzled Lily Cole.

It appears that the act of picking up Gaga for the December issue has quelled Anna Wintour critics. Judging from the position in space of Lady Gaga with respect to the hapless blond model (left) and Lily Cole, Grace Coddington might have had the notion of Gaga as the rambunctious celebrity at the apex of an industry, that appears deceivingly glamorous looking outside in. Uncloak the veil and you’ll see that the entertainment industry is hides spilled frosting, crushed oranges, rusty walls and peeling paint. But being that a market exists for just about anything, within this mess, Gaga is hot enough to be thrown into the kiln, but she’s immune from the burns of her critics.




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Liked The ‘September Issue’? Liked Grace?

gracecoddington…Then you’d adore the caricature of Vogue’s creative director herself, Grace Coddington. For $45, you can enjoy the fiery redhead heroine’s in-your-face face on organic t-shirts sketched by Deer Dana. But if she’s not your type, Deer Dana offers other t-portraits of Nick Jonahs, Bill Cunningham, Tory Burch and of course, Obama.

Wait a minute, where is Anna Wintour?

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Sneak Peak: September Issue

I know you wanted this and now I’m giving it to you. After watching that second clip, I can see why people are buzzing about Grace Coddington. She’s the likeable heroine if I do say so myself — besides, she has been overshadowed by Anna Wintour, and it’s about time that credit has been given when it has been deserved.

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