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Marc Jacobs, You’re 400 Years Late


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Louis Vuitton S/S 2010 FW

Par2821600Photos: Getty Images

It was a sojourn through Williamsburg under Marc Jacobs’ roof this morning. Fox’s better thirds dangled from street inspired leather bags screaming for a show independent from the Louis Vuitton collection. PETA would have had a fit. We didn’t know what to concentrate on whether it be the cotton ball afros, the bags or the uncharacteristic Louis Vuitton collection — lace leggings juxtaposed by hazy hued mini dresses; garbage bag inspirations translated into glazed plastic skirts coupled with hosiery silk tube shirts; denim blouse-cum-dresses accented by frills. To sum up the collection, ghetto-fab met high brow. If the LV monograms were absent I might not have recognized a complete turn from its high brow roots to this lowbrow-esque collection. It’s apparent that in a race to indie designs among the top fashion houses, Armani and Gucci are lagging far far far behind.



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Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen Live Stream Paris FW S/S 2010


Mark your calenders! Following the success of Burberry’s FW S/S 2010 live stream — thank you Christopher Bailey — Marc Jacobs for French fashion house Louis Vuitton, and Alexander McQueen plan to adapt Burberry’s concept for a live streaming fashion show. Alexander McQueen will stream his S/S 2010 collection at Alexandermcqueen.com on October 6 at 8:30 p.m. Paris time, or 2:30 p.m. EST (NYC time), followed by Louis Vuitton on October 7 at  2:30 p.m. Paris time, or 8:30 a.m EST at Louis Vuitton’s Facebook page. You must join LV’s Facebook page for the free live runway show. And thus begins the evolution of fashion design tailored to the masses. Enjoy!

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What Is Going On? You Fill in the Blanks…


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The Queens


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S/S 2010 FW Trend: Frills

frillsPhotos: Imaxtree

Left to Right: Marc Jacobs, Oscar De La Renta, Christian Siriano

On designer’s minds for S/S 2010 is the question, “why settle for 2D surfaces when you can have 3D?” Designers channeled the late Victorian era, when more cloth parallels higher stature, enlivening an otherwise mundane canvas of blazers, dresses and blouses, with frills, and intensified the late 1800s with a glint of inspiration from nature — considering each collection appear to bloom oversized petals from every edge and open space. It’s a modern twist on the archaic, that I will be adoring, for the streets come Spring.

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Lady Gaga: Shamelessly Addictive

Lady Gaga

Photo: Amy Odell via The Cut

I admit that Lady Gaga has been a part of my post one too many times. After today’s Lady Gaga performance at The Box for Out, I should have her completely detoxed from my system. Let’s hope I don’t relapse. In any case, Gaga performed at Hiro for Marc Jacob’s after-party in nothing more than a nipple and buttock revealing red fishnet stocking, G-string and a halo of hair. Maybe its because of her outlandish outfits, but Lady Gaga is a splitting image of Cher. They both can not afford to appear older than they appear for the sake of her reputation, and come 2030, Gaga will have replaced Cher at the Colosseum of Caesar’s Palace.

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Men’s Vogue, What Are You Thinking? It’s Marc Jacobs!


You’d think with a predominantly gay fashion industry that a Marc Jacobs (of all people) ad of a kissing couple, who happened to be men, wouldn’t cause so much of a whisper. Note that Marc Jacobs, flaunting his reputation for controversy, has outdone himself in the past with tween Dakota Fanning back in ’06. I’ve walked around the city and given as much attention of two, shorts and cardigan/v-neck wearing gay men kissing as I did of a straight couple. So in rejecting the Marc Jacobs ad, does Men’s Vogue not realize that 90% of its demographic are Marc Jacobs devotees? According to The Cut, Marc Jacobs released his statement describing his disbelief:

“Funnily enough the most complaints were about the series with Dick Page and James Gibbs because they are a gay couple. Men’s Vogue even refused to publish it. Dick is a very close friend of mine and I’ve known him for 20 years — he’s been part of the Marc family for 20 years. And I like the idea of having a gay couple in a men’s ad because it makes sense. And I wanted the ads to be like they are — very romantic, tender and sweet. I certainly didn’t want to have anything provocative, not at all.”

Can Men’s Vogue not afford to research their demographic? I think of it as an investment considering the state of the economy and the fate of magazines these days.

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Funnies: Marc Jacob

Marc Jacobs and fiance at the September Issue Screeningmarc jacobs and fiance at inglourious basterds screening

Photo: Getty Images                                      Photo:Sherly Rabbani and  Josephine Solimene via Style.com

Marc Jacobs and his fiance attended the ‘September Issue’ screening yesterday (left). His fiance appeared in nerd-chic once again, but MJ appears to be in the same exact outfit he graced the ‘Inglorious Basterds’ screening with just the night before (right). He must be a busy man to be unable to change. He barely pulls off that man-skirt in the first place but what’s he clutching? I don’t approve.

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