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Heidi Klum’s 10th Annual Halloween Party Photos

Seal and Heidi Klum

Photos: Getty Images

Given that it’s been 15 years since I could merit loitering around the neighborhood scalping candy from neighbors, Heidi Klum’s Annual Halloween Bash is the Halloween venue of every adult’s Halloween inspired dreams. Most of us would even feign Perez Hilton to get into this exclusive celebrity studded venue. For us non-celebs, we can peruse the following photographs and critique Rachel Zoe’s non-Halloween-esque dress under our breaths. Enjoy!

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What Is Going On? You Fill in the Blanks…


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Out September Issue Party: Shame on You Lady Gaga


I never was a Lady Gaga fan despite my coverage on the omnipresent diva celebrity. She was everywhere during Fashion Week, at after-party, after after-party. I don’t know what my editors would say if they knew I divulged how uncooperative she was in getting interviewed for the September issue, but I’ve said it and now it’s too late. Only VIP and staff were permitted access to the exclusive venue, leaving everyone else waiting in line at the door for over an hour, waiting to see the in vogue icon herself, Lady Gaga. According to Mo’s friend who is buddy buddy with the owner, even the owner of The Box was absent. So surprise, surprise, Gaga decides show up to the overbooked, The Box, one hour after the end of the party, flanked by (of all people) Perez Hilton — I think the gay community was just slapped in the face with a hypocrite’s Chanel handbag. She was decked out from head to toe in white, her head cloaked by what I’ll liken to a fishnet over over sized sunglasses. Despite Aaron Hicklin’s desperation to have Gaga pose for a candid, Gaga refused — although, Noah, Out.com‘s editorial assistant, did manage to snag a few unsuspecting pictures for Out‘s Pop.nography blog. I’m re-posting a few pictures from Noah’s post (Noah, I hope you don’t mind).


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