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From Taliban Pakistan to Fashion Week Pakistan

Pakistan Fashion Week

Ignore the suicide bombings in Pakistan, ignore the Taliban but don’t invite foreigners. Such were the measures for a successful first Pakistan Fashion Week in Pakistan’s ‘New York City,’ Karachi. Over 30 of Pakistan’s elite designers gathered to flaunt their brainchild and toils, but there was an underlying message altogether.

The show was an unbridled act of defiance against the Taliban, whose edicts over womenswear – namely restricting women to burqas – were punishable by torture or even death.

“This is our gesture of defiance to the Taliban,” Ayesha Tammy Haq, CEO of Pakistan Fashion Week, told The Associated Press.

The Associated Press makes note of textiles as Pakistan’s majority, 60%, of exports, or a $12 billion a year industry. The story elucidates the exquisite quality of clothing that sells for little. “The country’s cotton and silks are among the finest in the world. But the industry has failed to grow in recent years amid political unrest, violence and chronic power shortages.”

With it’s first fashion week, the Pakastani fashionistas are taking one step in the right direction. Will the event grow as large and as exclusive as New York, Milan or Paris? It’s unlikely, but their brave efforts are not going unnoticed domestically and abroad. I’d say their message was delivered.


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COACD Ranks ‘Top Ten New Faces SS/10’

COACD Top ten new facesI’m giving you number 10 of COACD’s rankings, but you’ll have to go to COACD for nine through one. I’m surprised that they chose a single model from each agency. Sadly, their blurb didn’t do justice to alleviate my confused state.

“It was an interesting season….all the prospects pampered and groomed this summer just didn’t sizzle all the way to Paris. A few ringers from left field and the usual suspects sitting out, left lots of opportunity for the smaller agencies to go full-throttle. Without getting too deep in those one-hit-wonder exclusives, we looked forward and it is a beautiful sight.” [COACD]

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“The critics can say whatever they want, but Lindsay is a genius.”

-Dina Lohan on defending Lindsay Lohan’s disastrous debut Emanuel Ungaro collection

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Funnies: Awkward… Katy Perry, Karl Lagerfeld Tension

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S/S 2010 FW Shoes


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Louis Vuitton S/S 2010 FW

Par2821600Photos: Getty Images

It was a sojourn through Williamsburg under Marc Jacobs’ roof this morning. Fox’s better thirds dangled from street inspired leather bags screaming for a show independent from the Louis Vuitton collection. PETA would have had a fit. We didn’t know what to concentrate on whether it be the cotton ball afros, the bags or the uncharacteristic Louis Vuitton collection — lace leggings juxtaposed by hazy hued mini dresses; garbage bag inspirations translated into glazed plastic skirts coupled with hosiery silk tube shirts; denim blouse-cum-dresses accented by frills. To sum up the collection, ghetto-fab met high brow. If the LV monograms were absent I might not have recognized a complete turn from its high brow roots to this lowbrow-esque collection. It’s apparent that in a race to indie designs among the top fashion houses, Armani and Gucci are lagging far far far behind.



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Alexander McQueen S/S 2010 Live Stream

Disappointing. We pray that McQueen’s geek Queenies resolve the server issue or momentarily delay the show for us to tune into the live stream. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking. But, you can catch Tweets from Lady Gaga and Elle UK. That’s the best we can hope for, that is unless you’re omniscient.

UPDATE: 2nd streaming at 4:30 EST

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