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Elle Wants Your Unfashionable Boyfriend!

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Joe Zee, Creative Director for Elle, is looking for several girls in a perpetual disagreement about the sartorial state of with her, unkempt maned, T-shirt and sweatpants wearing, fashion disaster of a boyfriend. The details are below.

“Do you have a style-challenged boyfriend, husband or brother? Is that guy in your life screaming “untapped potential”? Is his hair more Don King than Don Juan? Then I want to make him over for my column. Let me give him my A to Zee treatment. Email me a picture of yourself with this fashion-clueless guy to AtoZee@hfmus.com by Nov 2nd

I can only pick a few guys so don’t forget to send me a quick sentence or 2 (along with the pic) on why your guy deserves this makeover

And ladies: you might just find your way into the column too! 🙂 Submit now. Deadline is Nov 2nd.” [Joe Zee via Facebook]

Embarrass your significant other. He deserves it, and if that weighs down your fragile conscience, think of all the laughs you will be offering Joe Zee. Doesn’t that make you feel just that much better?

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Rumor Has It: Elle at Condé Nast?


Rumor has it that struggling publishing house, Hatchette Filipacchi Media, is all ears for ridding Elle magazine to Condé Nast for much needed short term cash. With 25% cuts to Condé Nast’s budgets, executives at 4 Times Square appear to be jittering in their seats at the opportunity to convert their laid off employee’s dollars and four foldings of its unprofitable magazines into yet another fashion magazine.

Here, at display number 1, lies Details and GQ side by side. Apparently the eyes at Condé Nast glaze over that detail. That is, unless they’re looking to purchase Elle, fold the magazine and heavily push the Vogue brand. According to FWD, Vogue boasts 1,200,000 subscribers as opposed to Elle‘s formidable 1,050,000. But, with Vogue’s 2.8% drop in news stand sales juxtaposed to Elle’s 12.2%, the cut-throat move could be a reasonable long-term investment. But, I’m just looking at it from a business perspective. Don’t hate me.

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Alexander McQueen S/S 2010 Live Stream

Disappointing. We pray that McQueen’s geek Queenies resolve the server issue or momentarily delay the show for us to tune into the live stream. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking. But, you can catch Tweets from Lady Gaga and Elle UK. That’s the best we can hope for, that is unless you’re omniscient.

UPDATE: 2nd streaming at 4:30 EST

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